I have a legal background and enjoyed a career during which I fought up my eldest daughter, Sophie. I loved my job and found it hugely challenging, however, since the arrival of my two younger children I have been lucky enough to stay at home, as a full time mum.

I live with my family in West Sussex. I love living by the sea just outside the bustle of Brighton; in an area that is relatively unspoilt and peaceful.

My blog explores and develops my interests; cooking nutritious vegetarian food that will appeal to young children with busy parents in mind. Some recipes on my blog are carefully selected from my favourite books, others are purely my own invention. They are all well used trusted formulas that have been tested on my own children.

I think that I am best described as a unfashion blogger. I don't follow trends and I love clothes that look effortlessly chic when thrown on in a hurry. I don't like a look that tries too hard, and lets face it when you have young children you simply don't have the time for a high maintenance look. After much encouragement and pleas from friends I will be sharing some of my style finds with you.o

This blog really will be a mish mash of all the stuff I love, including camping. Recently we bought an old Bongo van that we have had converted and hope to have many adventures in exploring our wonderful coastline and further afield into France and beyond. I will be sharing some of the places we discover with you..

So it leaves me finally to ask you dear reader the important bit. I would love to hear from you, to learn from your experiences.. I have met so many talented and interesting people through my children and really look forward to meeting more like minded people through this blog. I hope you enjoy my ramblings and please feel free to leave me some feedback in the comments section.

Thank you

Juliet xx