Human Interest

If you are in search of a site that is strictly personal and literally takes the thoughts right out of your head, then look no further because you have found it! Human Interest and you will relate, I can almost guarantee it! One may not relate on everything or even most things but I am sure there is some common ground out there for us.

You may still be asking yourself, why should I tune into Human Interest? Human Interest can and will tell your story through my personal experiences or emotions. Many have told me that I can be crazy at times and very entertaining because I am not afraid to say what is on our minds at any given moment. Allow me to express or share your thoughts for you. I may not have many years under my belt but I am a human being as well so I do have my own story and share of experiences.

I am a 24-year old US born, raw and outspoken Dominican-Italian man from the New England area. I am not married nor do I have any children at the moment. I have nothing against married couples but something about the idea of marriage just does not sit well with me (I am open to discussing this topic further if you like). A couple years ago I was fortunate enough to find a beautiful, brilliant woman who I can fully commit myself to without ever having to worry about marriage or kids at the moment because we happen to be on the same page when it comes to these things. We barely have time for ourselves let alone children since we are both currently juggling law school and work full-time. Enough about me though, lets focus on YOU. If you do ultimately decide to follow the site, I can assure you that you will not be displeased.

Human Interest (B.B.)