Cape Town

I'm a novelist of visionary fiction around the topic about physical transmutation (ascension) towards the 5th or higher dimensions. I think in pictures. I Love innovative design, graphics, art & crafts. In 2002 after my first novel was published, I became an illustrator and book cover designer for Kima Global Publishers.
I write regular articles on "New Age" different topics on my End of Times blog.

My articles are often closely linked to the research I do for my forthcoming novel about Parallel Worlds, and I share them on several blogs.
I love gardening and designing graphics for my articles and for my online Print on demand product shops like zazzle, redbubble, society6, merch by Amazon and more. The extra earnings allow me to follow my soul passion in this lifetime.
The name ‘Just Kidding’ was a clothing label I owned during the eighties and today I’ve named several of my online stores "Just kidding".

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