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Everything started when he was a young boy and was very excited to experience all the beats and melodies of Boney M Band. As you know, in Saigon, from 1970 to 1980, Boney M was a popular band here and everybody kept playing their records in mostly clubs and wedding parties. But that boy discovered that band when he was just 6 years old and he would dress up, singing, and dancing to those melodies every day, even at midnight before bed.

One day he got into Soul Funk Dancing with Locking which was so Soulful. The 1st song ever banging in his head and keeping his moves going crazy was " Freakshow On The Dance Floor - Bar Kays " and " Movin' Up – Dayton. " He could feel every funky beat and loved them so much that he couldn't take earphones out even when in the class room. But he couldn't keep dancing cause he had to work to support his life, But one day he thought " Why not become a DJ ?! It doesn’t mean doing DJ to have more gigs, it's about having a hobby and keeping music funk beating in my heart." And the story began .

But he had to find his own style and the type of music he wanted to play !? And one day he chose Funk / Soul / Disco. As his memories and soul was always in there and in his heart .

Used to share the deck with few well know name in town and oversea :
Nic Ford ( Deep Booth Record ) , Edge Pamute , Tony Touch ( Rock Steady Crew ) , Ray Lugo , Chris Dusty ( Jazz and milk ), Beaten Space Probe as know well editor Disco From Japan , Octave ( Harmonic Station )

After time get into adventures of Disco, he need to do something unique and make crowd get more excited, that's why collecting Vinyl 70s 80s quite smart way to bring him back to old school .

"DJ only is not good enough" he was decided learning produce music for years , collect samples and discover in studio at work for hours . After those hard day, he could introduce you 1st album he ever done "Opening" . Open new chance of music, and open new generations of DJ.

After get know well for bar around Saigon, He decided exploring Disco Sense around Vietnam and Asia. The First City was Hanoi, one of Capital of Vietnam for CAMA ATK Bar as organizer CAMA Music Festival ASEAN yearly.

Disco Asia Tour is series tour he doing travel to explore new things and experience music life each of countries he visit :

Thailand :

Bangkok : Scarlett Bar , Viva 8 Bar ( JJ Markets )
Singapore : Mugic ( Underground DJ Team )
Beijing : Dada Bar

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