Ni Duan 倪端

Ni Duan (倪 端)is a published author , empower communicator and lifestyle entrepreneur.

Founder at Etiquette MBA & Branding Academy(E.M.B.A)
現代國際禮儀MBA品牌推廣學院 – 創辦人

CEO & Founder at OPUS Communications & Cultural Consultancy
美好文化國際事務公關顧問公司 – 執行長

Founder at Chinese International Image & Civility Association(CIICA)
中華國際形象禮儀協會 - 創會發起人暨會長

 公眾形象 公眾形象
‧人力資源 (性格潛能 )評量系統開發
‧出版作者、專欄家 (已出版 20 多本書籍 )

 倪端網站 倪端官網 倪端專業 影音頻道


Born and raised in Taiwan, Miss Ni, Duan has lived and worked in USA、China and Austria, now is based in Taipei and Beijin, where she contributes 20 years of multi-media and integrated marketing experience to both local and international clients. Ni, Duan has been acclaimed by major media in Taiwan, China and overseas as one of the leading performing arts creator and producer in Asia. She also is recognized as a Marketing PR professional、new business developer、popular book author and motivational speaker.

Miss Ni has published over 20 books and made appearance on radio / TV shows regularly to inspire people developing their potentials. She has an active role in numerous cultural activities. Her publications and presentations are including Marketing / Sales, Business Soft Skills and Lifestyle that showed on main stream medium and entertainment industries in Taiwan and China. She is the most popular and influential modern numerologist in Chinese society 。

According to her multi-cultural life background and professional working history, who is capable of managing any crisis situations and difficulties well with her remarkable soft skills and individual charisma. She likes to innovate and explore to challenge herself in different ways. She is full of passion and energy to be involved with new things. Miss Ni is a long-life volunteer for 「Helping Children Back to School」& 「Food for the Hungry People」program . She has very strong belief in love and charity is the power key to make the world better .


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