Hi, my name is Cameron.

I am a practice master of Taiji Tong Fa.

Incorporating all Spiritual,
Energy Work, Body Work, and Meditative practices to unlock one's internal source of power.

Taiji Tong Fa (Supreme Ultimate Integration within Oneself),
Chi Gong (Breath-Energy Work), Yoga, Nei Gong (Internal Power Work),
Martial Practices (Wu Shu Gong), Ch'an Gong (Meditation Work),
Yujia Gong (Unity Work).

I am a Taoist warrior monk. I lived with a Taoist master 6 years ago in England. There I learned Taoist Kung Fu, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation, ultimate nutrition, and other internal alchemy practices that help to cultivate internal energy, transform any negative, stale, or sick energies, and transform them into positive energy for daily use in any activity. I have been continuing my Taoist practices since returning to the Rocky Mountains. When people cultivate internal energy and health, it promotes longevity, youthfulness, and even wards off illness and disease.

I have not become sick once, since I've been doing my Taoist practices and meditation for the last 6 years. I have not even had a common cold. There is no reason for us to have to get sick. Disease is just an accumulation of negative energy because of numerous factors(especially nutrition), and the lack of purifying the body and mind. I used to have allergies to pollen and animal dander. I had to take pills every day for that, or I would be sneezy and itchy, and it was terrible.

I do not have any allergies now. I went to live with a Taoist master when I was 19, who's name is Yu Jin Li. A year previous to that, I got an ear infection in both ears at the same time. I just woke up one day and couldn't even walk it was so bad. I was not getting better from the infection and so my doctor gave me about 3 different kinds of antibiotics and numerous shots of steroids and antibiotics over the period of a couple weeks.

Finally, my ear infections got better. Right when they did, I noticed my chest hurt, especially when I would swallow anything. It felt like I had something sharp caught in the bottom of my throat. I freaked out and went to the emergency room cause it was very painful. They dismissed me and said I just had acid reflux. I knew it was not just that and went to see another doctor soon after. This doctor told me to go see a gastroenterologist who then gave me an upper endoscopy. They found out I had 2 ulcers in my esophagus and one in my stomach. During all of this I was having trouble with my bowel movements and that was also a concern.

They told me I had likely killed all the good bacteria with all the antibiotics I had been given. I have never taken antibiotics in the 6 years since. Then started the very long process of healing the ulcers and trying to return my digestive system back to normal. I saw Tai chi on tv one day and I just knew right away there was something to it. My best friend Sean who died when we were both 15 was interested in Taoism before he died. We grew up together as neighbors since we were 5.

He would always show me these books he had that were about zen, the bushido code(code of the samurai), and books about Taoism, like the Tao of pooh. When I saw this Tai Chi on T.V, I thought of him and I began to try it. It really helped me and I was up at the crack of dawn every day as it was anyway, because of my ulcers, and stomach pain from not being able to go to the bathroom right. I forgot to mention, before I had ulcers and the ear infections, I had smoked cigarettes for about 5 years and would drink sometimes. When I got the ulcers, I couldn't do anything.

No drinking, and certainly no smoking. When I tried to smoke, it was like someone sticking a dagger in my chest. It was good tho, it helped me to completely change my lifestyle. I began to notice what I was eating and how it effected the body. My body could hardly eat solid food, or even swallow solid food without immense pain, for at least 6 months. I was told I will have permanent scar tissue in my esophagus. I started eating only raw veggies and light meat like tilapia and Salmon. For the first 6 months I had to live mostly off of ensure, smoothies, yogurts, and stuff like that.

One day after a month or so of seeing and practicing the tai chi I found on tv, I decided to look online for a Taoist master who was willing to teach. I couldn't find any that felt right to me. I knew deep down that I had to find the right person. Most teachers here in Colorado only offer tai chi or martial arts and they charge allot. They do not offer the other essential foundation practices either that I had been reading about. From the research I had done, I knew Taoist practices are much more than just tai chi or a martial art. It was then that the Taoist master found me through a friend I met online. I met someone who lived with him and he saw I was talking to her.

He immediately took an interest and offered to help me. I spoke with him via internet and over the phone for almost a year while I was recovering from the ulcers and all that. He then offered for me to come live with him for awhile and he said he could teach me dual cultivation tai chi and how to build a strong foundation. He helped me to awaken my kundalini fully and when this happened everything was blown out of the water. It was a life changing experience.

The Taoist master helped me to awaken my kundalini fully after about 1 month of living there. I found the space in between, where there is no mind. I was doing some push hands(water hands) with a guy named Mike, who was also living there. When all of a sudden I felt like I just became a spectator to what my hands were doing. I felt like they were moving all by themselves and I got this amazing sense of overwhelming joy. I was tingling all over but I was just watching all of this like an out of body experience.(I had never had any sort of out of body experience before this) A short while later, Mike just went flying about 5 feet backwards, into a couch. I snapped out of it then and my whole body was tingling all over but it felt good.

I realized I had my eyes closed the whole time, which was weird cause I swear I saw everything that happened as if I was watching myself do it. The Taoist master urgently asked me to quickly come sit down, and right then he asked if I was enlightened. I was still buzzing, literally tingling all over and I didn't know what to say to him. After a moment I said how that experience was most 'enlightening'.

I couldn't believe what happened almost. I didn't do any of it either. To have claimed at the time, that I am enlightened, seemed false. It felt more like something took over me and perfectly defended me. The Taoist master said that my kundalini woke up and I linked into the source. Mike came up and said that it felt like I was a wall of hands and that he felt like it was impossible to knock me off balance in the exercise.

Mike is about 6 feet tall and at least 250 pounds in weight, mostly muscle. I was only about 150 pounds and not nearly as physically strong as him at the time. There is no way I could have used brute force to knock him off balance, let alone send him flying like 5 feet backwards. Ever since then I have had all sorts of auspicious experiences.

I returned home to Colorado and I live in the Rocky Mountains. Since returning I have been shown how to continue my practices I learned in England, and I have even been shown some new practices that work wonders on transforming negative, sick, or stale energy, into positive rocket fuel.