Eric Sanders

New York, NY

Eric is the Writer/Director of the upcoming film "Night of the Long Knives." He is a New York-based playwright and producer, and the author of the hit fightsical "Last Life" at the Ohio Theatre and Brick Theater, directed by Timothy Haskell. Other shows include "The Wendigo," "Ixomia," "fuckplays," "Dread Awakening," "Oblivia," "Faint," "Heartless," "The Hillside," and "It's a Dry Heat." Eric was the Associate Producer on the hit musical "Xanadu" on Broadway, as well as the hit indie-rock musical "Hostage Song" at the Kraine Theater. In addition to "Night of the Long Knives," he is currently working on the religious rock opera "Original Innocence" with musician Dave Nuss of Sabbath Assembly.

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