Mohd.Kamal Hasan

Putrajaya Malaysia

Implement the principles in related to the universal to re-create myself everyday.I deserve to have everything in this life that was created for my happiness and contentment. Like-minded individuals . Like people. I LiKE to bE wITh peOPLe. I LiKe To TaLk To pEoPLe. Who share a common goal of helping each other. Never trust P&P, the police or the politicians. Risk. Try things. Dare to be great. Develop and deliver innovative solutions that drive profitability and sustain competitive advantage A restless mind and restless soul with unlimited interests and curiosity, including, but not limited to, photography, computers, and my proton saga. Tempat saya dibesarkan Kg.Gintung Jerantut Pahang Tempat yang saya pernah tinggal Kuantan Pahang; Gombak Setia; Selayang Bangsar; Bangsar; Pantai Baru; Sri Sabah Cheras Syarikat yang saya pernah bekerja Island and Peninsular; Rediffussion; Ministry of Information; Time Highway Radio Sekolah yang saya pernah hadiri Sekolah Menengah Jerantut; Prince of Wales Institution.; Maktab Adabi; Tun Abd Razak Broadcasting Institute; University Malaya Central Queensland University

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