OraPedia is one of the longest standing independent, international vendors of business software solutions and services. Our skill and knowledge in execute large software development projects is a corresponding mix of project management, business process analysis and activity class technology.

OraPedia believe that teamwork is the only way not only for success but to continued success and working to create a state of integrated professionals overlap in order to every one of us contributes to completion of the other person’s success story.

OraPedia starts with Oracle Encyclopedia which written collaboratively by largely anonymous internet volunteers who write without pay to collect the information about any topic related oracle from more than one resource to be in one place.

If you want to write on the Oracle Encyclopedia just send your email to encyclopedia@orapedia.net and OraPedia will send to you an invitation to be contributor in Oracle Encyclopedia.

After accept the invitation you can log to Oracle Encyclopedia and add new posts.

The new post must contain the information source link If you are not the owner of this information and your signature If you are the owner of this information.

If you have any new ideas contribute to reach the desired target through better way please communicate with us on info@orapedia.net.

Not hesitate to communicate with OraPedia all OraPedia team members started from this point.

Always remember if you work individually you may succeed, but can not continued success. Teamwork is the only way not only for success but to continued success.

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