Otmane El Rhazi

London, UK

Moroccan Trader Dr. Otmane El Rhazi is a desk analyst with a Ph.D in Probability and Finance and aptitude in many technical fields. El Rhazi has contributed in building business portfolios and has been involved in management not only European, but also Asian and Middle East trading activities. Dr. Otmane El Rhazi shared many programs and presentations online, in Github and Sourceforge to name a few. His researches interest are on economy, mathematics, and business. He is located in England's busy capital London and travels to the North America and Asia regularly. He is an intense programmer in C++, Java, VBA and numerous scripting languages like Python and R.

From time to time, he founds motivation in London's movement away from handled stress and rush and go for a trip out of the city to relax from his hectic professional work. Engaged with his family, El Rhazi dedicates most of spare time making sure everyone like his life to a maximum. Up and running, Moroccan Trader El Rhazi is one of a kind. He is very anxious of cancer causes, above all Prostate Cancer for men and Breast Cancer for women. Dr. Otmane El Rhazi always tries to reach out and help in his community, by participating in charities and volunteering works.

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