Sydney Sandringham)

Retired and into painting (oils) but distracted by the internet and Dutch-Australian matters. WAS chairman of the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre and a member of the board of the Federation of Netherlands Societies NSW. Now proud to be an Opa. Returned to Art Class, @ Hazelhurst. Still feel "at home" there. Keeps me motivated to draw and paint!! I wrote SOME TIME ago. "Opa" (Dutch for grandfather) of two of my daughter's children now. My car has been taken away by my son. 'Popping in the car' and driving off to favorite locations is no longer an option, although being 74 years old, reminds me of what my father repeated so often: "INSIDE you don't FEEL that 'old'!" *I honestly have a few more years of 'driving ability' in reasonably satisfied with current arrangements! Not only the WWW is being obstructed but my car was also taken away by my son. The car- I can understand but hindering my www-use, is annoying!

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