Pam Brown

Brooklyn, NY

Pam Brown is a writer, filmmaker and activist living in Brooklyn, NY.

She holds her undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Dartmouth College, and attended the MFA program at Columbia University’s Film School. She is currently completing a PhD in Sociology with a focus on media at The New School for Social Research, where she was a recipient of University and Teaching Fellowships. She holds a Master of Arts in Media Studies from The New School, as well as a Master of Arts in Sociology from The New School for Social Research.

Pam has been involved in motion picture development and production in New York and Los Angeles since the mid 90s. Her career has crossed both independent and studio arenas, having worked with companies such as Artisan Entertainment, The Manheim Company, Primary Pictures, Revolution Studios, Moving Pictures International, and 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks. As a Literary Manager, Pam represented writers who sold scripts to Hollywood studios, as well as writers who were active in independent filmmaking.

Pam first became involved in activism while living in Los Angeles during the lead up to the Iraq War, where she was an active member of African American Women United for Peace & Justice. In 2011, when Occupy Wall Street ignited, Pam became a founding member of the Occupy Student Debt Campaign, as well as Occupy Wall Street offshoot Strike Debt. She has been involved in campaigns and writing projects connected with those groups including the student debt pledge of refusal, the Debt Resistors Operations Manual, the Rolling Jubilee, and Shouldering the Costs, a public service report on debt and Hurricane Sandy.

Pam's writing has been published in numerous magazines and journals including SocialText, South Atlantic Quarterly, Tikkun, In These Times, Stanford University's Arcade, AlterNet and the Militant Research Handbook. She has appeared on various media outlets including Democracy Now!, Up with Chris Hayes, The Big Picture Show with Thom Hartmann, CounterSpin, WBAI/Pacifica and Sonili Kolhatkar's Uprising.

Pam has been a contributor to Acronym TV's Resistance Report, was Producer of a one hour Resistance Report pilot that screened on Free Speech TV, and was on the board of The Brecht Forum.

Pam is currently a columnist with Tidal Magazine and Co-Host of the WBAI Morning Show.

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