I am a 58 year old male, I have had Crohns disease for over 30 years and recently (I think) succumb to Coeliac or a Wheat allergy, I also have problems with my joints and general pain in my feet which is yet to be diagnosed, I have started this blog because..............
1. I Would like to be able to help myself have a better quality of Life.
2. I would like to help others who, already have, have just found out they have or think they might have one of the diseases in my blog tittle,Crohns disease, Coeliacs, Arthritis and any other auto immune diseases that give similar symptoms.
3. Because not only is is nice to talk to others that can understand how you feel, but we might just learn something from one another. So here we go, get involved and lets see if we can do each other some good.

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