Pauline Lakshmi

South Devon, United Kingdom

♥ Star Seed ♥ Lightarian Rays (TM) Master-Practitioner | Reiki Kundalini Master-Teacher | Akashic Records Healing & Attunements Master-Teacher | Activator Eternal Cosmic Christ Empowerment (a powerful self-healing Energy System) | Master-Activator Golden Star Christ Activation | Spiritual Channeller | Diamond Reiki Healer | Crystal Healer | Channelled Readings with Soul Guidance | Clearing of Negative Energies | An intuitive & inspirational Empath interested in different forms of light-working, using an insightful approach on every level.

Passionate about my spiritual pathway I use my insight & knowledge to assist others. I am aware that Vibration really is, all there is: Correct Vibration & Alignment connects each of us truly to our Heart Centre & BEing One with Source ~

Namaste! Pauline Lakshmi ♥


Gravatar: Tutankhamen's Treasure Egyptian God of Creation Ptah via Flickr

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