Cyclargus erembis Nabokov, 1948 [Lycaenidae]: a polyommatine found along beaches and in sunny grassy areas of the Cayman Islands. Nabokov had received a specimen from Oxford for examination. Formerly, it had erroneously been classed as Hemiargus catilina Bethune-Baker nec Fabricius. Nabokov (in »Lep13) recognized that it belonged in his new genus Cyclargus, calling it Cyclargus erembis. Smith, Miller & Miller, in their book on The Butterflies of the West Indies and South Florida (1994), demoted it to subspecific rank, making it a local race of Cyclargus ammon Lucas, 1857, the type-species of Cyclargus. Nabokov predicted that it would also be found in Cuba. The holotype is at the Natural History Museum in London. According to Johnson & Bálint, it is a species, not a subspecies. (Reports of the Museum of Natural History, University of Wisconsin [Stevens Point], 50, 1995.)