IT’s My bLoG@PrATik NAyEk


I am on the verge of completing the three most wonder years of my life—the phase where i experienced the power of having an insight in learning, Being a graduate i was open to putting my hands on varied tasks ,which i perceived as exploring and expanding my knowledge towards the place of my choice viz. the field based industries.I have worked with NGO,in financial markets and given a shot in the marketing area as well, also been a part of the media group i.e Channel [V] and also a part of the largest investors group The Indian Angel Network.As this is my learning phase so am not so keen on any kind of specialisation in industries ,rather I aspire to be The Jack of all Trades,i understand it to be one of the ways of beginning afresh to be engaged in any department of an organisation,.

Apart from my work vision, I also treasure a passion for entomology as well as Herpetology. In this blog i am showing my concern and likelihood towards the most beautiful and endangered creatures of this planet.

My research and curiosity is for those species which are endangered and require attention and concern for their existence with the mankind.

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