I love quilting and thrifting. When I can do something that involves both I am very happy. I enjoy traveling. I am a mom of two boys one in college and one in grade school. Life is interesting to say the least. Update 8.18.2021 I still love quilting and thrifting is my stress reliever. I still collect Pyrex but prices have gone sky high so I do not acquire much unless I come across it for a song. My sons are now 32 and soon to be 20. My father-in-law went to heaven in April 2020 and my mom went to heaven Oct 21 2020. I had not blogged from 2017 until today. I went through breast cancer treatments for an entire year from April 1 2016 until May 2017. I was then on a test drug for 6 months until they took me off. I am on a hormone inhibitor and doing well. I just reached the 5 year mark since my diagnosis. I am so happy to be alive. Life is good.

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