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I write Quirky Books that change peoples' lives.

Quirky Books is my own publishing imprint and I specialise in non-fiction books for specific niches. Asexuality is one of those niches. Written in my own 'quirky' unique style, Quirky Books specialises in books which have out of the box thinking and often with a quirky twist, and are first for crossing some genres.

Writing is my hughest life passion, followed closely by asexuality. As well as an Author, I am best known for being the Presenter/Chat Show Host at Asexualise My Asexual Life, Asexuality chat show on YouTube, specialising in dating, relationships, self-love and self-growth. I was a speaker at the UK Asexuality Conference in London, in July 2018, and yes, I really am ACE Fibro Girl!

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