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Rich Allcorn, aka "Richard A. Allcorn", grew up around mainframe computers (then AutoLOGIC) through his uncle, and had his first around-the-world chat on a typewriter terminal console in college (1977), before instant messenger clients even existed. His first "pc" was an EagleStar desktop model. The DOS was CP/M 2.2, before IBM named their pc a "PC", and their DOS, "DOS".

His first experience with UNIX was with SCO-XENIX, the first UNIX released for use on personal computers. He fell in love with the shell scripting, UUCP, sendmail, talk, cu, terminals, online MAN pages, and more of UNIX from that day on!

With a knack for being self-taught in most things, Rich has often been accused of proving the jack-of-all-trades scenario wrong. Having worked as a pc support tech, a UNIX admin, LINUX admin, and a Windows server admin, as well as with macOS UNIX, he has considerable expertise as a network engineer, systems engineer, and cloud guru. He specializes in technology areas, and has worked as a Team Lead, an IT manager, a Technical Writer, computer consultant, teacher, pc support; repair, and software instructor. He has worked as a web designer, and a social media presence rep, works well with Internet domains and the cloud environment that now accompanies that, and is at home and well versed in just about any category concerning computers, websites, cellular equipment, and communications equipment, along with the underlying technologies that support these.

Being a teacher-motivated individual, and a writer, discovering each and every possible use for a piece of hardware or gadget, has become somewhat of a passion for Rich. The desire to share this abundance of knowledge and experience is why you are reading this today. Rich is "mobile", in just about every sense of the word!

Rich used LINUX on his personal notebook PC for years before moving to a Macbook Pro running the Apple macOS version of UNIX. He also uses VMWare, to allow him the convenience of also running LINUX, Solaris, and Windows, to name a few, transparently or in another window on his Macbook Pro. He is equipped for video conferencing with SKYPE, Google+, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. and is comfortable in meeting and hosting meetings in these arenas. Rich still uses dial-up, with an assigned landline telephone number (VoIP) for his notebook, and his office is "virtual", following him everywhere he goes. Many of his additional resources are accessible “across the Internet” (through the cloud) back to his home office/LAB, which his wife calls, "the Man Cave".

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2300 Wolf Ranch Parkway 7207, Georgetown TX 78628 USA
Mobile: 01 512.8447424
Dial-Up: 01 512.994-0590

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and his ham radio callsign is: K7RLY

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