Randy Astle

New York

I'm an actor, critic, and screenwriter/director of films, transmedia, and children's media, mostly television (see my kids' media blog at I have two main projects going on right now: the feature film and transmedia property "Saints" and the book "Mormon Cinema" (a history and criticism). I'll be writing about those (and Mormon art and culture) but also anything else interesting about mainstream film and media. I know it's a little strange to self-identify as a Mormon filmmaker and not write just about Jell-O movies and polygamy, but my cultural Mormonism is an indelible part of my perspective, even when working on or discussing mainstream films. This blog will keep you updated on the progress of my book and movie as well as give you a glimpse into my position in the liminal space between parochial Mormonism and the New York City indie scene. Thanks!

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