Carson City, NV

My name is Mike AKA Silky. A 'renaissance man' is described as one who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences. I have a broad spectrum of experience and a voracious appetite for learning. A day that passes without learning something new is a a day wasted.

There is just so much STUFF in my head, that I needed a way to get some of it out, perhaps to make space for new stuff. In any event, I chose to share it with others right here on WordPress. I hope you learn something here.

Feel free to comment, add, follow, like, whatever. I am still not sure how this whole blog thing works, and I am still figuring out how the WordPress software and site all works.

I am ALWAYS open to discussions and learning about new things. Whether it is about Renaissance Art, exotic cars, car repairs, science, technology, computers or life in general, bring the topic. Let's work our brains out together. Let's get down and intellectual. =)

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