Saint Louis Mo

Rob Hollywood in the building... Rob Hollywood an Saint Louis native who's been all around the US showcasing his artistic talents as a producer/singer/ songwriter .. Music as been apart of his life since day one. He's been performing an recording for 5 years plus. Staring his own production company in 2013 Rob Hollywood Production has taken off to advanced height's with a network across the Globe Working with producer from Japan,Amsterdam,Russia, expanding his sound to an world ambient feel still coming with the hip-hop flavor... As an artist he's grown to know the meaning of music an what it takes to market yourself as such by pursuing a social network following that gave Rob all he needed to push hit music an able to be heard by millions.. Selling top amount's on iTunes under Mr.Tmz, Rob Has also open doors for other artist that's under his Production company to come from under the light an be in the public eye also showcasing there talents..... Even though its been along Grind we wont stop till we reach the top AN A SUPERSTAR WAS BORN !*!

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