Pheonyx Roldan Fonollera Smith

Called to serve as a "light in the dark places" in the winter of 2000 for those seeking freedom from the self-created bondage of an unhappy/frustrated/pained life, Pheonyx co-creates with Source and his Spiritual guides with various mediums and modalities which address and help heal the individual parts as well as the totality of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

It is his personal knowing that as each individual understands how to tap into and actively create within themselves the peace, love and acceptance which he or she is seeking instead of seeking it outside of themselves, they accelerate and achieve their own personal healing while also contributing to the overall growth and evolution of all mankind towards greater awareness, compassion, and global spiritual consciousness on this planet. This is the point and purpose of all Life, to add unto the Universal expansion of the Original Source... that which most people typically refer to as "God".

He invites you to join him on this quest through the exploration of the human experience.

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