Romany Rivers

Nova Scotia, Canada

Romany Rivers is a poet, an author, an artist, Pagan Priestess, co-founder of Moon River Wicca in England and Pagan Chaplain/Board Member for The Pagan Assembly of Nova Scotia. As a Celebrant Romany uses poetry and modern interpretations of fairytales to create unique celebrations, festivals, and rituals ourposefully designed to reflect the uniqueness of each union. As a Chaplain, Romany provides spiritual counselling and support services to people from all backgrounds and walks of life, and has worked alongside home education groups, colleges, universities, prisons and hospitals to assist the needs of the young and our elders. Aside from her work as a Priestess, poet and artist, she is also well known for her award winning holistic centre and her work in the holistic health community as a Reiki Master and Tarot Reader. Romany moved from the south of England and now resides in Nova Scotia, Canada, with her husband, Blues Recording Artist Jester. J. Brown, and her two children pursuing dreams of a sustainable, family focused and rural lifestyle whilst still providing holistic and family support services to the community. A private individual, Romany can often be found in the background of many events, projects and organisations... so remember to like, follow, and subscribe to keep up with new releases and exciting new projects!

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