New York

Al Herrera, CEO of Rupturian Enterprises / Bernal Films, is the creator of the Sci-Fi multi-media franchise “RUPTURIAN” that includes movies, video-games, books and toys. To appreciate in a glance the richness of the Rupturian concept, do a Google search clicking on images, and go over the SYNOPSIS at the Rupturian website. Rupturian incorporates the latest concepts of the STRING and BIG BANG theories, and of the RUPTURIAN VISION OF REALITY (RVR).

Albert Herrera studied Philosophy at the Universities of San Carlos in Guatemala and Navarra in Spain, and Mathematics at New York University.

As per the RVR, the soul (consciousness) is not independent of the body, but the result of a process that occurs in the brain, maintained by a flow of spiritual energy known as “soulstrings”.

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