Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I was born a US citizen and grew up there. I moved to Canada under a temporary work permit upon completion of my post-graduate education, in opposition to the war in Vietnam. As soon as I unpacked, I applied for landed immigrant status. A few months later I received by mail an inducation notice into the US Army, on which I drew a peace symbol in felt marker and returned by mail, thereby earning myself an indictment and arrest warrant (dropped in January 1977 during the Carter amnesty). I never re-entered the US as a visitor until the summer of 1978, and only travel there (feeling very alien to and alienated by what I see) to visit members of my or my wife's family.

I became a Canadian citizen in 1975 (the earliest possible date given my immigration date and the application times involved). I received a Certificate of Loss of Nationality of the United States (CLN) in 1976 after writing a political screed letter to Henry Kissinger, then Secretary of State, on the occasion of the US Bicentennial. In my letter I mentioned that on my mother's side I'm a descendant of at least one, possibly two, soldiers in the army of George Washington during the American rebellion, and that I had recently declared my own independence from the US by becoming Canadian and "renouncing" (the word I used, I had no idea about "relinquish" then) my US citizenship, thereby joining the British Commonwealth. Isn't it ironic how what goes around comes around eventually. That letter got me a CLN within six months (by mail). I'd never heard of CLN until I got one, and I filed it away and completely forgot I had it until I learned about FATCA and OVDI in August 2011. I now proudly carry a photocopy of my CLN with my passport whenever I travel. (That's Canadian passport; I've never had a US passport in my life, and never will.)

I am participating in IBS and in writing to my Canadian politicians about FATCA and US targetting of Canadian citizens for tax purposes. Though as someone who is no longer a US citizen I am not personally vulnerable to these US attacks, my wife and some of our friends are, at least until they get their relinquishment CLNs. My wife and these friends are no more "dual citizens" than I am, and have never considered themselves or conducted themselves as such, nor ever will.

It is on their behalf, and on behalf of several Canadian citizens who in US eyes are also accidental/unwilling "Americans," born in Canada of US parents but who have likewise never exercised US citizenship and are horrified at the thought anyone might think of them as US citizens, that I am active on this website and with my elected (in Canada) policitians.

I am a retired former employee of the Government of Canada, who served his adopted and adoptive country well and proudly.