Kenneth Brooks

Born in Pubelo, Colorado in 1983, raised on documentaries and science fiction, my day time job is an IT System Engineer setting up complex environments in an R&D lab at a large electronics company. I may not be blessed with good looks or the best grammar but I am blessed with the best family anyone can ask for and a subconscious full of ideas. I sometimes have a quick wit, sometimes comically slow on the uptake, an only child used to being solo and going solo with spelling errors since I could read and write far before they would let me into school. I write novels because I have to, I'll go bananas if i don't. I write the blog so I don't take my friends to the funny farm with me. I am a published author, I want an editor, wish we didn't have have to rely on an economic system to live and believe in many strange things. Nice to meet you, I'm Kenneth Brooks.