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What Do You Do When God Doesn't Make Sense?

Beneath her youthful exterior and fresh-faced exuberance, Shannan is a personal conduit for those seeking God's grace and mercy and their desire to reach Him. Through her own personal journey of love and loss, Shannan continues to share God's unfailing love with those around her.

From the challenges of a childhood steeped in fearfulness, God carried Shannan into a full-time traveling ministry with her husband Warren. For over nine years, Warren and Shannan Parker traveled across the United States and Canada ministering through personal testimony and song. Known as 'The Parker Trio', or 'P3' in later years, they traveled over two hundred days a year and had been granted numerous awards by the Canadian Gospel Music Association, (CGMA). From crowds of ten thousand to churches of twelve people, from a Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers to the maximum security prisons, they stood on many platforms as witnesses of the life transforming power of God.

On the evening of January 7, 2006, former international acclaimed gospel recording artist, Shannan Parker, “closed her eyes and woke up to a whole new life”. Shannan's husband, best friend, mentor, and business partner, Warren Parker, was tragically killed when a truck struck him as he was directing their tour bus out of a church parking lot. The truck pinned Warren between it and their bus in an impact so intense that Shannan found herself being awoken from her sleep as she was thrown from her bunk onto the floor. Three days later the driver of the truck was apprehended and admitted to drinking the night of the accident.

In an instant life can be altered, but Shannan testifies to how God is ever-present through the storm.

“Grief is something we will all experience at some point in life. Our response to the pain will determine whether or not we will be held captive by it, or if we will take it captive and use it to look deeper into the heart of God. If we can reach out to God in the breathless moments where words to express our pain fail us, then we can begin to see His heart of love. If we refuse to give up at the point of giving up, then we will experience joy and laughter again. Only that joy will be far sweeter when it fills us again, because it will be dripping with God's grace and mercy.”

Today, Shannan embraces the opportunity to openly share her incredible, encouraging, and heart-warming journey. Through her strong faith in God and her perseverance to seek His guidance, Shannan has not only forgiven the man who killed her husband, but she continues to pray for both he and his family.

Shannan resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her dog Coady, no longer performing gospel music. Shannan's ministry has shifted to speaking and sharing her story on the radio, in television interviews, and in churches throughout the United States and Canada. When She's not traveling, Shannan spends much of her time remaining active in her home church, Christ Church Nashville. She submits herself to the leadership of the church and greatly values their guidance as she studies to gain further knowledge and wisdom of the scriptures. She's taken the time God has granted her to openly walk through her grief journey and the struggles that come with it, by documenting her life-lessons and experiences through her self-published blog site,

Shannan treasures the time God has given her to spend one-on-one time with the many people that have crossed her path. She prays that God will encourage the hearts of each one and help them to find direction to their very personal journey. Hoping they too can find a journey filled with hope and lasting joy – like she has been discovering. Shannan is committed to the call of hope on her life and sharing that with the world in any way that she can. Through prayer and study, she submits her life to Christ, seeking His guidance in everything she does.

“I've never thought of myself as the adventurous type, but I've discovered that's exactly what life is when you are a Christ follower – adventurous. We might as well change our perspective and join God, that is if we truly want to laugh again. Oh how He allows me to laugh again...” -She says with a smile

What Do You Do When God Doesn't Make Sense? “You Trust Him Anyway!”

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