Shaygan Kheradpir, a well known business and technology executive, was born in London and grew up in Iran. Kheradpir went to high school in Switzerland at Aiglon College. Shaygan then movied to the United States to attend Cornell University where he then earned a bachelor's, master's and doctorate degree in electrical engineering.

After achieving his degrees, Shaygan began his career at GTE labs. While hired at GTE, Kheradpir gained a higher position of chief information officer. GTE contributed to forming the popular company Verizon in 2000 and Kheradpir eventually became the CIO of Verizon and helped with speeding up product development and broadening their range of telecommunications. Kheradpir lead a team of approximately 7,000 staff at Veriozon who, together, created the Verizon One phone device. The staff lead by Shaygan also redesigned many of Verizon's core systems making them more effective.

After working with Verizon for approximately 11 years, Kheradpir joined Barclays as their chief operating officer in 2011. During his employment with Barclays, he took part in creating products such as the Pingit mobile payment software.

In early 2014, Kheradpir became CEO of Juniper Networks. He launched a successful plan at Juniper that increased dividends, bought back stocks and reduced prices.