720 Monroe Street, Suite E510, Hoboken, NJ 07030




June 25 & 26,11-4pm Basic Silkpainting
Sissi's Hoboken studio @ Monroe Arts Center
720 Monroe St. #E510, Hoboken, NJ 07030
The basic skills to create your own art or wearables on silk.CLASS SIZE LIMITED

Sept 10 & 11, 11-4 pm “ Funky- Fiber- Fun”
Sissi's Hoboken Studio @ Monroe Arts Center
720 Monroe St. #E510, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Embellishment w/metallic leafs; discharge
dye-removal techniques on silk & other fabrics

Sept 21-25 Arrowmont School of Crafts, "Funky Fiber fun" @ SPIN conference

Oct 15 & 16 ,11-4pm Silk Painting, Wax, Dye
& Batik techniques
Sissi's Hoboken studio @ Monroe Arts Center
720 Monroe St. #E510, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Blending ancient & modern wax treatments on silk

NOVEMBER 5 & 6 12-6 pm FREE EVENT !!

Nov 12 & 13 ,11-4pm Fabric painting
Sissi's Hoboken studio @ Monroe Arts Center
720 Monroe St. #E510, Hoboken, NJ 07030
The basic skills to create your own art or wearables a variety of fabrics

Private classes by appointment.

Sissi Siska’s unique hand-painted silk works use the dye and gutta-serti technique. Formerly a textile designer, Siska has been painting silk for more than 30 years. “Having had no formal training in textile arts, I learned the original French technique of painting on silk —gutta-serti resist—by trial and error,” Siska explains.

She also uses a variety of combinations of wax resist techniques (Indonesian tjanting tools, batik crackle effects, etc ) in conjunction with salt-dispersed dyes; alcohol blending; rubber stamps; dye removal; and others. Her use of unusual jacquard weave fabrics give more depth and texture to a piece , and the use of copper, silver and gold leaf has become a signature theme of late.

Sissi is long famous for her luxurious, custom-designed textiles in designer fashion houses. Siska's work is featured in Susan L. Moyer’s classic book on silk painting, Silkpainting: The Artist’s Guide to Gutta and Wax Resist Techniques, now considered “The Bible” of silk painting. Her custom fabrics have appeared on the runways of Perry Ellis, Marc Jacobs and Isaac Mizrahi. She is proud to be a featured artist of the Smithsonian Institution's exhibition of silk painting on the subject of Orchids. The exhibition has traveled among select American gardens.

A member of the Surface Design Assoc, and SPIN, she was recently awarded the title of (MSP) "Master Silkpainter" by Silkpainters International, Siska creates and teaches silk painting from her NJ studio. She is one of the foremost American voices on silk painting.

You are an amazing and talented person! I consider meeting and learning from you one of the great rewards of my life."
Ramona, NYC

Dear Sissi,
It was a very good experience to again take a silk painting workshop with you.I like to learn all your great tips in the silkpainter’s studio. I have been painting on silk for 20 some years and to experience your expertise and discover special ways to heighten my work with your input is very exciting! You have exposure to so many products and techniques and share so generously the information. Also great to see examples of your wonderful work! I look forward to future workshops!
LParker, Orange, NJ

Dear Sissi
I cant express enough how thankful I am for the experience that has been knowing you!.
You have been my inspiration ever since I met you at the SPIN Conference in Santa Fe NM 10 years ago where of course I didnt get a spot in your class but I followed your career and I knew I had to work with you.
I am grateful I had the chance to spend time with you in your amazing Hoboken Studio taking workshops, and working together; you make silk painting a complete pleasure. Ever since I have been impressed by your capacity of transforming inspiration into reality no matter how complex the technique needed.
Your generosity has no boundries ; I admire so much the way you share your knowledge and experience! Silk painting is not a subject you can learn in college, you learn it through experience over time and trying and failing! So thank you for sharing all those time-earned silk-secrets and wonderful techniques.
I feel honored having the opportunity of knowing your path as an artist and I look forward to many more days working with you!
AM, Columbia ,SA

I will digest all the information and write to you soon. Thank you for the time, you spend to do it. It is difficult to find somebody more helpful, then you, it is really unusual and wonderful, and everyone around feels it.
Thank you for invitation,
Elena , Stroudsburg ,NY

Dear Sissi!
I would like to say thank you, thank you for the wonderful time with you, thank you for all your advices, tips and so. I've learned so much and I came back home with new energy for new ideas.
I am so lucky to meet so amazing people in my life.
Marzena, Woodhaven ,NY

I know Sissi doesn't remember, but I met her briefly through a friend when I was 16. She was so open and helpful about her designs that I made my life decision to involve myself in my art no matter what. While I am not in textile design, I am creative and content! Thanks Sissi! Lorelei,from:NYC

It’s a rare combination to meet someone who is both such a fine artist and is so willing to share all that she knows.
Jane H, Jersey City, NJ

Sissi’s knowledge and expertise is extensive as is evidenced by her work with highly recognized designers in the fashion field. She has developed adaptations of new industry techniques to enhance the “painterly” qualities of silk painting. In the teaching environment, not only is she well prepared, she gives extensive visual presentations on silk painting as well as displaying how her techniques influenced her own work. Her student’s evaluations of her ability were always excellent.
Cynthia Lewis, 2004,Dept Head of Fibers/Textiles, Peters Valley Craft Education Center

Hello Sissi
Though we have been FB friends ,I guess this our first "Personal" meeting! Glad to meet you ! 9 years ago,when I started silk painting ,the net was not as informative as it is now.Your site was one of the few I would spend hours trying to figure out how you did those incredibly beautiful paintings.You were one of my first tutors and please accept my thanks and gratitude.I will be happy if I can assist you in any way.
Happy to make acquaintance with you and hope to hear from you soon.
Husna Rafath

Hi Sissi
Just wanted to thank you for spending the day in your studio with me. Not only did I learn a lot and have a lot of my questions answered, but I got to spend an enjoyable time with a very nice person. I enjoyed my time with you today. Thank you so much!!
With gratitude,
Karen, Newark NJ

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