Spencer Courtis

Cape Town, South Africa

Brief: 2014 - (p.s. the photos here is who I am and what I do)
Am happily married to Riana with four wonderful children - Stacey-Leigh (27), Bruce (22), Sarah (17) and Rebecca (13) - all of whom are still at home! I love sports and am extensively involved in both secular NGO and Christian sports ministry (football/soccer in particular) - setting up players, teams, clubs and whole leagues!

Who I'd like to meet:
Folk involved in ministry through sport along with folk who are willing/have a desire to get involved in addressing poorer sports communities (not exclusively though). Praise & Worship Christian musicians and singers

My work:
I streamline business's computer admin control through direct access control links to essential folders and files at a click of a button - i.e., complete control of company operations at all times! Also set up professional WebPages for both business and non-business alike (for a most resonable fee) - see my WebsWillWork and Shine The Way 1459 links.

Have also set up business, (see Mauritius Direct Line) promoting the island of Mauritius inviting folk from around the world to travel to and holiday there - Trou-aux-Biches, Grand Bay and surrounds a favourite destiny.

Social Work:
(2014) social work pending
(2013) social project 1 - To set up a Christian based and governed football league in the township of Gugulethu, Cape Town.

A quote I simply love: 'May our success be measured in terms of how successful we make those around us.'

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