Type 1 Champion

Savannah, GA

I am the type of woman who enjoys everything about life! Everyday I aim to find the beauty in my surroundings or situations. I have realized life frequently hands out lemons and you have to work to find the glass to make amazing lemonade. Instead of picking out the bad in everything, enjoy the things within your control. Most of all, aim to the be the person YOU would want to be best friends with :)

You may quickly find I am one of the people you meet who have several interests along with the longest Bucketlist of Life! For the last few years I have spent majority of my time learning the good and bad of being a military wife. This kind of life is always hard to explain to those around me, so I have truly stopped trying. Blending the kind of person you are with the instability and uncertainty of the military has been my ultimate challenge. One day, I will probably blog on this topic ;)

Though my surroundings are always changing, I still have the dreams to settle down one day, plant beautiful flowers I will be able to see bloom year to year, watch my little girl grow up with the same best friends, write down detailed travel plans for a faraway vacation and not an upcoming move, and be able to buy decor and furniture for my home without asking myself, "Is this light enough for just two people to move?". Yes, it may sound silly to some but to other military families, I am sure it's easy to relate to these simple ideas.

When I was a little girl, I grew up in a very small town in South Georgia until I was 12 years old. I was a shy girl, played outside everyday, used my imagination to the max, and was blessed with a couple of great friends to write notes to in school. Life was simple, yet I yearned for so much more EVEN at a young age. I wanted to travel, and travel A LOT! I wanted to see and experience things that made me stick out among everyone else. It was ingrained in me early on that college was the only way for me, after all, I was the baby of the family and it was going to make everyone happy to have a college graduate in the family, right?

As they say, be careful what you ask for! ;) Now, I get to travel, A LOT! I have a college degree in hand that I haven't fully been able to use yet, and on top of that, I am different from most I come in contact with because I recently was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in my adult years. Talk about learning to add sugar to your lemonade! I got what I always wanted but never was specific I guess ;)

On the outside, what makes me, ME?! I enjoy the simple way of life really, or so I would like to think so...

*I aim to be a better Christian every day and love how kindhearted I feel am becoming the closer I get to the Lord.
*I love everyone! I can make a stranger my friend in 15.2 seconds ;)
*I have a beautiful little girl who is soon going into Pre-K and a hardworking husband who has been the love of my life since I was 17.
*Fitness and being an athlete is who I am not what I do!
*I love colorful gym clothes and simple church dresses w heels!
*I enjoy playing with makeup and can't live without mascara and lip gloss ;)
*Nail polish is my friend everyday of the week even if I'm doing yard work! I probably own EVERY color....literally!
*I love being a girly-girl but hate the time and money it takes to feel girly.
*I hate playing board games, with a passion, and hate being asked more than once to play ;)
*I never watch tv and feel it's a waste of my time.
*I could live off chicken, tuna, and dark chocolate! yum yum!
* My main saying that can be used in everything in life, "The brighter, the better!"

My favorite quote:
"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo

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