Gerrit Tienkamp

Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Thailand, 10110

I'am Gerrit Tienkamp (Nickname Peter.bkk) a Dutchmen.
Born in Eindhoven / The Netherlands.
Living for many years in Asia. (Thailand & Cambodia)
Living before in the center of the Netherlands ("Rhenoy-Betuwe")
I'am the most "Social Guy" of the planet, but been used in 2012 Chalong / Phuket by a Fake Facebook / Xeeme Member.
I help poor People in Cambodia to create Work for a Living.
After 22-10-2012 I'am back in Bangkok, and with good friends I restart my destroyed business's and Social Media accounts.
I thanks all me real friends to help to recover me life !
I'am back on Business and be stronger then before !

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