I am a nurse at the North Middlesex Healthcare Enterprise, formerly NHS Trust, and at one time known as a Hospital. The job remains the same, and my aim is to carry it out in spite of the priorities of whoever currently attempts to profit from it.
I'm also the husband of a town planner and the father of a 17 year-old well on her way to becoming a mechanic, which is useful as I'm the owner of a car almost the same age. I refuse to sell it on the basis that it still works, and I keep in working order on the basis that I'll never sell it.
This year I took three months out of work for an adventure holiday disguised as a research project, where I entered into a sort of pact to begin blogging, due to falling in with bad influences. I haven't attempted this sort of self-reflective digital soap-boxing since my student years, and I'm afraid I'm going to rather enjoy it.