-Livestream Broadcaster - Active in Periscope & Busker
-YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook Pages

Advocacy for better quality of life with catastrophic illness & injury. Conditions I live with myself are my awareness platform: rheumatic autoimmune & neurological, women's heart disease

Traditional First Nations
(Native American)

-Training: Tai Ch'i Chuan, medical terminology, cultural Medicine

-Avid about hiking, camping, & outdoor adventure

Special Interests: Natural health, everything from East Indian to East Carolina cuisine, 16th Century German fencing

Favorite Travel Spots: Yosemite, Catalina Island, E. North Carolina, Northern CA redwoods/coastal rainforest

~I live as naturally as I can, stay on a whole foods diet (as in what I eat, not as in "a diet"), avoid as many synthetic meds as I can, and do not consume artificial sweeteners and most preservatives. If you're curious about why, see my posts.~

Periscope/Twitter ID: Tala_NoExcuses