Tammy Holloway


I love to write. (Never though I would say that!) I write short stories. One was recently published with Aberdeen Publishers and another on its way to contest entry. I also have a novel well on its way to completion. My novel is science fiction and so are my imaginary friends. My husband supports me in whatever I choose to get into. He is not imaginary...although I seem to think so from time to time. He's awesome! A rare find these days. We love our dogs. 3 house trained border collies. They are all trained to get in the way wherever you go. We love them though and don't mind the occasional face plant because we tripped on a dog. College is a big part of our lives as well. We are both finishing up a Master's Degree. I think our degree will say "Master's of Procrastinating". We have that down to a science. My husband holds the record for submitting a final......."1 minute left" before finally clicking the submit button online. We never take life seriously. There are enough people in the world taking care of that so we leave it to the experts. We do whatever we can together. Unlike many others in this crazy world, we actually enjoy each other's company. Why do people have such a hard time grasping that? Oh well, it works for us and couldn't be happier. So anyway, if you've made it all the way down here, I must have sparked your interest. Keep an eye out for my new blogs or information about my novel, The Deep Freeze. And hey...thanks for the interest!

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