This is the story of my life ,my personal trials and tribulations , the process of my thoughts and the intensity of my feelings, my interactions with my husband and 3 kids .I want to share my life with people ,to reach out to them,help them realise their hidden strengths ,provide them with hope in their darkest hours. I am a recovered Borderline and a target of physical and mental abuse since 12 years. Yet,here I am now, among you! I am a Survivor! Pain taught me to be: Kind,Wise, Compassionate, Loving towards others. I am gaining wisdom every day, it is a tough battle, but I won't give up on myself! Remember, God loves us all, every one is precious and come what may ,He will always be at our side,so here's to life! I hope none of you go through what I did! I am always there for you 24/7! Never think you are alone! You have me!

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