Tennis Elbow Tutor

Marin County, California

As a Tennis Elbow Tutor my first goal is to help you avoid the plethora of pitfalls that await the hapless Tennis or Golfer's Elbow sufferer; the myths, mistakes and misconceptions still so prevalent in what they call "the common wisdom."

I call these mistakes 'The Triple Trap' and from what I've seen in years of treating Tennis Elbow, the earlier one can catch oneself and stop making these common mistakes the better ones chances of a fast, strong and lasting recovery.

I've had a passionate interest in tendon problems ever since I suffered though a grueling, year-long Tendonitis episode over 20 years ago.

I stumbled along cluelessly for over a year and wasn't helped whatsoever by following the common wisdom, by the standard treatments, or by months of resting, hoping and waiting to heal. I eventually got so desperate I even tried a crazy "remedy" that involved dozens of BEE stings! (Yes, really!)

For the past decade I've been helping people recover naturally from their Golfer's and Tennis Elbow injuries - in person at my Neuromuscular Therapy clinic, Body In Balance, in Marin County, CA - and virtually through my self-help video program at

At Tennis Elbow Classroom I do my best to help you better understand the true causes of Golfer's and Tennis Elbow, to teach you how your healing process actually works and to show you how to help it instead of fighting it.

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