The New Bullying Prevention

ottawa, ontario

Never be bullied into silence because your silence gives them your consent to continue this is the core values of The New Bullying Prevention, not to be just a bystander but speak up and bring awareness to those responsible that it's just not acceptable any more. If your a victim, survivor, teacher, parent, brother, sister, friend or just know of someone that is being and or has been Bullied, "The New Bullying Prevention" is one place you can start.
I don't process any certificates but as a survivor of Bullying for more than twenty years, I am well aware of the lasting effects, my life experiences far exceed anything I could read or learn, it affects your physical & mental health, your quality of life. The majority of all information and articles posted on the site are from trusted and professional sources or articles that just touched base to close to home for me.
Bullying happens everyday in schools, workplaces and online (internet) across Canada and around the world. Regardless if we like it or not, Bullying is a "Silent Killer" of our children. One in five Canadian youth report being Bullied regularly, when a friend steps in Bullying stops most times in 10 seconds or less. When you see Bullying don't just stand by, instead stand up.
As a Human Rights Defender and a part of the Messengers of Humanity community I receive the latest advocacy campaigns from Humanitarian organizations working with there call to action that I share on my social networks to amplify the message, as the world becomes a more and more volatile place, this has never been more important.
Our soul purpose is to spread awareness of Bullying, reduce or prevent teen suicide and promote "LOVE & UNDERSTANDING" of the LGBT people's of the world.
So stop by The New Bullying Prevention and pick your smile, but be warned we will send you away with something you think about all the time, hope for, fantasize about, go to great lengths to achieve and feel your life is incomplete without it...... "Lotsa Love"

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