Hello & Welcome to Confessions of a Recovering Feminist.
Here you will find a collection of my thoughts and perhaps some stories (if I’m brave enough), these will all be based around my transformation from feminist to transitioning Proverbs 31 Woman. Subjects include and are definitely not limited to the Women’s Movements, pop culture, “women’s issues,” Scripture, personal experiences and my personal favorite Jesus.
This blog was established because the state of Womanhood is desperate for something more. More than desperate ‘Housewives’ tv, more than legislation, more than sexual exhibitions.
Bits&Pieces about That1Liana: She is finally an official 30something. Resides in the Mid-West, United States but day dreams of Bora Bora and other such adventures. When she’s not working, you can find her introverting somewhere. Well maybe you can find her if she’s not screening your call! Reading books about her feminine nature and God’s plan for her has been an undeterred mission. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

*all posts will be working documents, as I will continue to update them with extra thoughts and related readings