South Carolina

Hi, I’m Mr. G. Most folks call me Mike for short. I’m a 50ish white male, married with three daughters and seven, count em, seven grandchildren. My wife likes to say we’re survivalists, but I prefer to say we’re just prepared.

I build houses for a living and read and comment on conservative blogs for fun. I like to golf, but Phil Mickelson and Bill Haas don’t have anything to worry about…yet. I also like to carve,( or whittle), and build some of my own furniture.

I can be found on Twitter @thatmrgguy and Facebook MikeDavid

I value others’ views and opinions even though I might not necessarily agree with them. I am not politically correct, don’t believe in it.

Like a lot of you, I used to be apathetic towards politics, but since 2006, I found myself wondering what direction this country was heading. I believe it’s going in the wrong direction and hope to do my small part in changing that. Won’t you all join me.