Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Likes: Piano. Harp. Music 24/7. God. Sarcasm. Freedom of speech. Photos. France. Classic Literature. Opinionated, intelligent people. Culture. Fashion. Diversity. Starbucks. Sisters. The beach. Dogs. Thirteen. Honesty. Politics. A good debate. Cleanliness. John Williams. Louisiana. Thunderstorms. Hogwarts. Food. Cameras. Chopin. History. Clocks. Classical music. Technology. Wisdom. Hipsters. Singing. Broadway. Washington D.C. Golf. Old cars. Sushi. Mumford & Sons. Paris. Wikipedia. Mittens. England. Ravenclaw. Instagram. Mugs. Books. Black. Red. Blue. Green. Grey. Blogging. Jane Austen. Outdoors. New York Yankees. Johnny Depp. Cats. Batman. Cooking. Jazz. Laughing. Tim Burton films. Road trips. Pinterest. Nerds. Cajun food. Indie clothing. Apple. Impressionism. Autumn. Rain.

Dislikes: Weakness. Liars. Cheaters. Bad spelling/grammar. My lack of patience. Procrastination. Liars. The Kardashians. Baby talk. Bad driving. Rednecks. Disrespect. Clowns. Math. Hot pink. Stupid people.

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