A *traveler/backpacker who loves to see the beauty of what the world has to offer and believes that, '**Traveling is an opportunity to find one's self and enjoy the many things life can offer.'
I'll be posting my adventures usually on a Friday due to conflict with my work schedule.

NOTE: articles/ blogpost being published are not all up-to-date, Some are adventures a year back, others are a month late while few are up-to-date. Just a heads up, I go by a lot of names. I am used to making up aliases than telling my real name.

Meanings Behind Words:
**Traveling doesn't mean to go to other countries a lot. It also connotes how he journey his life.
*A traveler/backpacker doesn't only mean wandering around with a backpack. It can also signify bringing with him the necessary things, knowledge, values, ideas, perspectives to his odyssey in life.

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