R.D. Frable ♞

the Lehigh Valley of PA

I am a health-care protestant, and face an uncertain future for that reason.

It is not in the government's or various health care sectors' (hospitals, pharma, technology) best interests to oppress interest in classical, traditional health approaches that were legitimately helping people get well before those sectors started to consider those therapies some (real or imagined) kind of threat to their profits.

One of those traditional therapies is classical homeopathy, the school of similars, the school of Samuel Hahnemann (whose name was rudely retained well after his death by institutions who abandoned his philosophy); the school of *the minimum dose,* the totality of the patient's symptoms, and whenever possible, the single remedy. I am seeking to find *not* its practitioners, but rather at least a few of its users, preferably in the Northeast (USA). Contact me if you are one, or know one. I will end up losing many things in life if I do not make this connection very soon. Thanks.

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