Di Persimpangan Kutub Philosophy Founder(=DPK 51%)

I am one of the founder OR THE SEEKER of Pure Islam Revolution who attempt to seek out OR SEARCH any original Islam source. For that purpose, The Theory Of Di Persimpangan Kutub become the main sensor of the truth which I use it for get original Islam teaching . MY DPK PHILOSOPHY GET A SYMBOL NAMELY 51% FOR SHOW MY DPK VERSION. DPK THEORY AS THE MAIN DATA & INFORMATION FILTER METHOD WHICH I USE IT FOR GET ANY TRUE INFORMATION SUCH PURE OR REAL ISLAM TEACHING & PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE ET CETERA. So, please help me, world! Di Persimpangan Kutub is one of pure Islam teaching except any correction is necessary. If I have make any mistake & sin concerning my blog or its content, I hope people in the world will forgive me while I still alive or not. I am not an ulema or Islam leader. I ALSO NOT A TEACHER IN ISLAM. I NEED LEARN ISLAM MORE AND MORE. If you realize that my blog is not finish or has not any new information in very long period, these might show that I cannot write or edit for my blog again because any reason such as I pain or get any dangerous disease or these might show that I die or DEATH😢!!!