It's Not For Fame And Fortune. That Comes From Being Known.
The Reluctant Poet Writes To Give Words A Life Of Their Own.

I have always written for the personal joy and satisfaction of bringing something into being. A similar feeling painters must feel when completing a painting. It's the process that mattered to me more than being thought of or known as a Poet.

But having moved into the "Senior" check box category in life I have had an inner yearning to let my words have a life of their own apart from me and any reservations or reluctance I may have about "putting myself out there".

I have been so blessed since starting to blog to have great Kindred Spirits - Singledust, DavyD, Sailorpoet, saynotoclowns and many, many others to share and enjoy this Wonderful experience. I love so much the warmth, caring and positive support from everyone that comes to visit, comments, follows me and of course "Chit, Chat".

I have my Darling, youngest daughter to thank for getting me started in blogging. I had mentioned to her that I was wanting to see if there might be a way to get some exposure for my poems. In a couple of days she emailed me back and said, "You now have a blog - TheReluctantPoetWeb on You need to start posting! I'm helping you face your fears by pushing you, so you can fly". I might still be in flight training but I'm off the ground! Ha! And to my Dear Friend Sailorpoet - I'm trying my best to become "The Unreluctant Poet".

Thank you for coming by and please stop and visit!