I’m currently working with software, business development, and technology. I am the glue between the teams, customers, and new technologies. My expertise includes software and product development, analysis and interpretation, qualitative and quantitative research, creative and engaging solutions, mainly solving practical problems. Specific fields of interest include logic, deductive reasoning, critical thinking, math, and creativity.

I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family. Quickly learning new skills is under my belt. For this reason, you will see under my profile some eclectic knowledge such as archeology, aerospace probes, radio amateur transmissions, quantum mechanics, and astronomy.

It is also worth pointing out:

• I'm experienced to align, lead, and I know how to scale teams from 3 to 150 people.
• I stay calm when faced with adversity and this way I can focus on making high-quality decisions
• I'm enthusiastically grabbing in learning new techs or discussing philosophical subjects.

Competencies: Leadership, Formal and Informal Logic, Critical Thinking, Teaching, Math, Research and Development (R&D), Information Technology, Cloud Computing, Mentoring, Tutoring, Linux, and Software Development Skills (Java, C/C++, Python, SQL, HTML, Node, and so on).

If you have something I can help with, please get in ☛ touch.

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