Tom Haynie (bacshortly)

The Carolina\'s

Another 'hill' within a lifetime; a fresh 'benchmark' much like reaching 21, 48, or 61 years of age. Eighty-four would be my next objective.

I peer out from these eyes; two small portholes to the horizon. Its the same curious perception carried from childhood; weighing the same youthful thoughts; all while weighing the evolving factors before me....

Our age in thirds; 0-30, 30-60, 60-90 ; I realize the third in which I reside.

There seems to be time and opportunity to 'fill-in' a few more of those 'little circles' from the past - heck, maybe even open some new ones for the future; Who knows - along the way I may even resolve 'Who the heck I 'really' am.

But indeed I am happy to be in this position; proud to have made it this far, and heartfelt with those that have been a part of this very humble earth experience.

"Our lives are but a mist droplet in the ocean of time"........

Let's get wet!

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