Gold Coast, Australia

The Business Models:

1. International Payment Gateway
2. Global Premium Moderated Recruitment Portal
3. Global Premium Moderated Recruitment Social Networking
4. International B2B Premium Portal
5. International Advertisement Portal
6. Management Consulting and Luxury Hospitality

We have high end niche software for Architectural segment, Interior Designers and Lighting Designers with over 15000 parameters considered for design, specification and recommendation. This software is meant for Engineering Planning and Design, Master plans for large Projects like Airports, Stadiums, Urban Lighting and Interior Lighting for large retail malls

We seek $ 300 Mn - $ 750 Mn in funding for our start up venture with ready Business Modules and Going in for IPO on Major Global Stock Exchanges.

The Business Modules are Software Engineering, Information Technology, Training and Development, Luxury Hospitality.

Please do note that we are officially registered and based in Australia and UK for our Global Business ventures. With appropriate funding for takeovers, mergers and Acquisitions, we will be listing the companies Training8m Corporate Technologies Pty Ltd, and Advanced Lighting Designers Pty Ltd, on major global stock exchanges. The punch line of Advanced Lighting Designers Pty Ltd is " Go Green with Force Green " in which we will be focusing on Green Energy Worldwide.

We need reputed, financially strong strategic Investors, venture capital funds private equity funds $ 300 Mn - $ 750 Mn in start up funding. Should you be interested in High growth, high profit, high potential organization, do get in touch with us on this email or contact by phone. We will only be pleased to provide you the details on hearing from you. Stake holding and percentage of stake holding can be discussed in personal meetings.

Personal Skills:

• Ten years experience as Managing Director.

• Excellent operational and executive leadership.

• Excellent communication and writing skills.

• Proficient with computer knowledge such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power Point and Internet.

• Having formal and informal turnaround Management skills.

• Ability to contract development and negotiations.

• Able to work independently and under pressure.

• Responsible for other duties as assigned and related to the post of managing director

Core Competencies

• Visionary Leadership Global Strategic Alliances

• High Stakes Negotiations Key Partnership Development

• Budget / Sales Forecasting Organizational Re-structuring

• Risk Management Training & Development

• Knowledge Management Prime and Sub-prime Turnaround

• Brand Management Product Management

• Turnaround Management Quality Management

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