The Chipmunk


The chipmunk is pursuing his PhD in an interdisciplinary field at the moment. As an avid bibliophile, he loves reading about most things under the sun. Genres close to his heart range from philosophy to epic fantasy, his tastes being "eclectic" if you prefer a fancy word! He also likes to call himself a nemophilist, a quiet walk in the woods is something he has grown to love and cherish (could be why he calls himself chipmunk). A dash each of cynicism, stoicism and sarcasm have all entrenched themselves in him at certain points of his life. That being said, he believes himself to be an easygoing character for the most part, as many chipmunks his age do. At the moment, this chipmunk is working on improving his writing skills and any feedback/tips are most welcome. He is partial to conversations, and prefers them to writing (ah, if only writing was easy!), so jot down a comment if you like and the chipmunk will endeavour to reply post-haste! :)